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Friday, April 12, 2019

Spring Break

Today is the last day of school before a week of spring break. Although the holidays are not really my thing, I do look forward to this holiday a lot. And this is because I had already determined what I need to do during the spring break. It may end very badly, or it could end well. It all determines on my ability to focus on my work. During the spring break, I need to make the youtubeReader app in ios. Although I have faith in myself, I have never made a mobile app despite my numerous attempts at it. Mobile apps are always constraint by their creators, which are apple and google. These companies although smart are never able to make an intuitive developer ide for their platform. While I may be fluent in Java, the java in android is much more annoying because I need to learn their functions to control their apps. But nevertheless, because of all the failed attempts, I made before, I have hope that I would be able to figure it out this time.

As I said, today is the last day of school, and I really have no interest in completing my last day. I am writing this in class, not that I have anything in class, but my heart is elsewhere rather in the classroom. A holiday is just that lucrative in attracting my attention. Not promising myself, but I am sure that I am going to procrastinate. The only precaution that I could think of and would do is to force myself to play 45 minutes each day, so if I really experience burn-out that easily, at least I would have 2 to 3 days to secure my productivity. And because I have nothing to say no more, I would just go on and talk about my life recently.

It was 5 weeks ago, that I found out I do not suck at math. Although pre-calculus is easier than in other schools, I did pretty well compared with other classmates. For the longest time, I thought that I was bad at math. I still remember myself barely passing math exam in Hong Kong. The worst part about this is that I thought I was above average at that time. Although I was above average, just to have the feeling of acceptance to just get a barely passing mark surprise me now. The only reason for my change in attitude in studying is because of my parents' decision in delivering me to oversees for an education. It always bothers me how the presence of money could fix almost everything. My grade wasn't the best in Hong Kong, and with the help of my parent's money, I am here in the US just chomping on my grades(not to jinx myself). Back to the topic, I right now keep surprising myself in my test scores in math. Although there are about 60 free points in each test, to get only one mistake in a test is something above what I would imagine being possible.     I really do not know what I am saying, but I really want to write a blog today. Whatever, no one reads it anyway.

As I lost my desire in writing a blog, and my creativity in writing had been derived from the 2 "long"(not really that long) essay that I need to write in the last 2 days. Spring break is coming, I am glad that I am hopeful in not wasting it.

Because I never showed this in my blog, I am just going to include it in this in here. I made this like 8 months ago.

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