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Monday, August 10, 2020


so loooonnnnggggg


as cliche as it seems for the snap
the moment of realization doesn't fall flat
you hinted and hid your intention
like-a' guiding angel aware of her cognition
through the last year
you've truly filled my evocation

that time you've kept up
I thought you challenged
that time you've offered
I thought you blended
that time you greeted
I thought you concurred
that time you indirected
I thought you joked

that time you stared
I realized
that time I stared
you responded
yet, now, I doubt myself

my appearance is misleading
smart, I just do the oddity
mindful, I'm just a bit quiet
polite, I'm anti-social
unloyal, that is a truth
trust me, I'm as worse as it can get

still here?
I'm as desperate as a dying man
I'm sure you understand