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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Karma - My "new" Macbook pro

When karma is referred, it is mostly referred to in a negative way, referred with the meaning of experiencing a consequence of a bad act. But it is yesterday that I found out this word could be used in the exact opposite. Yesterday,  I shared my troubles with how it is very annoying to develop a ios app on windows. I complained about how I need to download macOS and how if not, I need to download an incomplete Xcode on ubuntu which also cost me inconvenience. And because of Karma, and how I had helped people when I could, I was able to borrow a MacBook in the sequence of making and finishing a ios app.

As explained in the last blog, I am planning to make an app that makes youtube readable rather than watchable. Youtube is what takes up most of my time without ever being properly addressed, and the worst thing about it is that I always have an excuse for such behavior. I always argue with myself that youtube when being used right is educational and could be embraced. And even though I mostly stick to the educational things on youtube, the advertising and extra buttons that come with it will always take me more time than just reading an article. To make an app that translates a video into a transcript could trick the brain into being in a casual mood while taking in information easily.

And because I mostly just make desktop apps that suits myself and that these apps aren't as used and popularized as I think they should I am thinking of making an app in contrast. Not only an app is easier to advertise it is also a more complete package than just another website. Plus after I make the app, I could always easily translate that to a web app instead. With all that rubbish said, I have to make an app and I am determined to make an ios one. Problem is that I do not know swift and happy apple like people to force people in using their own devices to develop for their devices and there is no way around it. I argued with myself with making a VM, but I had done that before and it is not that great. VM always comes with hardware issues for me no matter what, and I have no idea how to completely avoid this behavior. (I really used the behavior pretty frequency in this blog, please someone donate me help in the form of vocabs). While I am determined to make an app, the path to such a result is fogged up by the fact that I do not have a mac. But this is when my friend, homestay brother that drove me crazy a week ago came in and allow me to use his computer till the end of spring break. At first, I could not believe it, but as I am writing this blog on a mac, I slowly came to the realization that I really need to hurry up on finishing the app so that I would not bother him by being in possession of his computer.

Right now, I need to finish an essay due on Friday so that I could work on my still unnamed app. The moral of this incident is that although people might not look like they could offer anything to you and would just drag you down, they might be in use no matter what.

P.S: Related to Karma, I also got to ride on a Camaro Bumblebee because I taught someone coding.

My newly acquired computer.

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