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Thursday, April 18, 2019

Youtube Reader - my new app that reads youtube

It is 6 days into the 14-day spring break, and just yesterday, I finished my youtube reader app. This app as I mentioned before takes youtube and make it in article form rather than in videos. Although this might be useless to most people, it is essential to me. I always have nothing against reading, but it is just that picking up a book is not as attractive as an option compared with watching youtube mindlessly. With I watch youtube, I always have an excuse of how it is educational and that I could learn things from it. But in the end, even if I did learn things, I also waste upward of 4 hours a day on it. From past records, this is proven to be non-sustainable. In response to the whole thing, I went ahead and made a youtube app that allows people to read. Every time I want to open up youtube, I would remind myself to use this app instead.

This app is beloaded with features, from logged in recommended feed to searching for videos, its all included. Each of those features took about a day to add, but it is still a fun process. I skipped literal sleep for one night and had 2 hours of sleep for 2 other nights. At the end of those 5 days, I do not think I could even function properly as a human being. Nevertheless, let's jump back to the topic sentence of this paragraph and talk about the features of this app of mind. First of all the features, is the ability to read youtube as an article which is within the name of the app. Initially, I was going to add search algorithms to add in the missing periods, commas, and new paragraphs, but my lack of sleep took over me, and the fact that I am tired of everything about coding on the 5th day made this impossible. But while that feature is not implemented, you can still read youtube pain-free, it is just that you need to use more of your brain when reading it. Second of all features is the inclusion of the dates and views under the video title. Although this thing might be taken for granted on the normal youtube website, it is not given in a youtube replica. While making the app, I was actually debating with myself if I should add it or not. In the end, because I really want to have this feature when I actually use this app, I added it in and it took more than 2 hours. Moving on, the consecutive feature is the sidebar. Again, this is always taken for granted in normal apps, but when you are making an app alone, everything proves to be a challenge. Because of how impossible it is to navigate around the app without the sidebar, I took the time in making it and, in result, that took a day of work. At that point, I was already very frustrated, to have the core feature working while having everything else not working is not a good feeling. You always get the feeling of that you are so close to finishing the app yet you are not(I do not want to correct my grammar no more), and that is why there are still several bugs that pre-exist in the app right now.

Tired of talking, the other features that the app has is the ability to save channels to the sidebar, login to youtube, and have the recommended feed as youtube normally offers. The last feature really puzzles me a lot, because of all the other youtube replicas could not add the recommended feed into their app, yet it is the most important part of youtube. Either way, I still added this feature on the last night which I did not sleep.

This blog is all over the place and I am not writing well, I am craving sleep right now, so I will allow myself to go to that instead, peace.

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