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Friday, November 30, 2018


Leaving this blog for yesterday was an accident. I missed it because I had set a goal of sleeping at 10 and by the time I finish my stuff, it was already 12 oclock. Bad days are annoying. Nevertheless, I would try to continue this streak of blogging and would try
not to break it this time around.

For the last 4 days, I had put down my non-fiction book because I had just gave up. But in the same time, I found a book called The Shadow of the Wind. This book proves to be very interesting as it started with a mystery that really grab holds my mind. Although the starting of this book isn't a suspense filled as the other's I read. But the main mystery was kept intact even till one-fourth into the book. I have read a lot of books in the past and I have never read a book that uses its syspense like in a marathon. Details abiut the mysteries are slowly leaked and the reader can piece more and more puzzles together, (I notice that I am using too much metaphors, just calm down).

(I don't have anything to say, so I am going to just talk about this). Compared with the non-fiction book called The virtue of selfishness, the book I am reading now is way more interesting. I don't know if it is just me, but everytime I read a non-fiction, I slways find thevcontent repeating. After they adress their concept in the first 5 chapters, the whole 5 chapters would then repeat itself. Although I know they do reaffirm their stand-point after their initiative, I just can not force myself in reading their opnion again and again.

I have skipped 2 days of blog in favor of youtube, but I am sure that I would improve and this thing is very cringy, so I will stop

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

(No Title)

Another day had past and I still don't know what I am focusing on in my blog. The only purpose I have this blog is so that I could write English everyday and improve it eventually. I don't know if it is working or if it is making me worse, but I will still continue. Today, was nothing special, unless I open the youtube app and spend 2 hours on it.

Today I will talk about how I almost died. story ended, cuz i'm dead. I don't want to type no more, so that't it.

Monday, November 26, 2018

An new computer, Black Friday

Good news, My grades are rising(as long as I don't get so obsessed with my website again). I actually ditched my website. I had thought about it. The finals are 3 weeks away and although everything in this new school is comparatively easy as hell, I honestly didn't put in enough effort. It is mostly because I just overlooked the complexity of some subjects because they are genuinely just super easy.

I do think starting every single vlog with a grade update will just lose the appeal and reveal myself as a typical high-schooler. Although I am one with typical grades as well, I always like to think of myself as a special type of student. I had self-taught coding, realism in art, video production, animation, 3d modeling, and CGI. I see myself as that one special kid that isn't special because of his or her grade, and that is also why I decided I wanted to start my own website and start doing freelance. I wanted to be special and the incidents where high school students which average grades get into A-list college because of their extra-curricular activities really boost my confidence to believe all my extra-skills in whatever I am good at really helps. And because I like to be special, I see a big problem in just starting every blog with "my grades died, goodbye, I'm going to attend its funeral now". I mean I actually could care about this blog, cuz if I do, I would not be able to continue it. But on the other hand, I want to look back a few years later to see some substantial blogs. I guess it is not possible, whatever.

Through Thanksgiving, my parents picked me up a computer. It literally went like this:

Me: Mum, my computer's charging port died

Mum: Ok, Black Friday is coming, just choose a new computer and I will buy it for you.

Me: (disfunctioned)

I actually cannot react to that. I got my first computer when I decided myself that I would write an essay about why I want and need a computer. I got my second computer when I actually for once did well at school. And now you are telling me that I get a computer because my previous one just died? I cannot wrap my head around that. With that said, I took that offer of my parent graciously and chose to buy a ThinkPad x1 extreme. Did I waste my parent's money on that thing? Yes, I did. You can use the same money from that computer to buy another computer that is 3 times as fast. But they said to buy one that I like, and my most disliked color on laptops is red and silver. I guess I can only waste money when buying laptops.

I noticed that my English is slowly becoming less and less radical and I can no longer speak. Although not one person on earth would be reading this, I don't want to waste google's server storage space so I would stop bs-ing. Bye,

Literally 11 posts into my blog and I am already running out of art to display...
This is an inktober artwork that I did for inktober, really self-explanatory

Sunday, November 25, 2018


Thanksgiving has just passed and I wasted more than 2 days solely on Youtube. I still remember how I had purposefully told myself that I cannot waste time on this holiday. I got a website to set up, an art skill that I need to learn, a blog that I need to continue, homework to do, and revisions to catch up with. But despite having a great Thanksgiving meal that I had help none of whatsoever, I didn't really do too much of anything. It is the last day of the holidays and I had just barely finished my 2 homework throughout the 5-day break... I really need to work on how to manage my time...................... (infinite dots).

First try
Let's talk about the actual Thanksgiving day on Thursday. That day was awesome, to be honest. Although as I said, I didn't participate in making the meal for everyone, I did do productive things. As to how productive it is, I guess I will leave it up to you to decide. So, basically, I went through a bunch of (2) 3d sculpting tutorials the night before and I sculpted an ear and an unsuccessful head, very unsuccessful head. I don't think I stressed it enough, a very extremely bad unsuccessful head. And the fact that I can't actually draw a face without a reference picture didn't help with anything. All my past artworks had been cheated through by copying the shading on a picture. But in a 3d environment, shading is no longer a thing, it is all handled by the computer. But in return, you actually need to know the bumps and crevices on a face. Obviously, because I had cheated on art for all my 15 years of life, I had no idea how to do anything in that 3d environment. But let's put our failures in the past and never look at them again, except when I actually need to do the whole process again in the future, I don't know what I'm saying, the phrasing is way off. I can't type and I can't English. It is definitely not because I skipped 2 days of blogging.

Failed 3d face. It at least looks like a face, but...
As to what I did after the Thanksgiving break is pretty dumb. I don't know if I was too productive during the 2 days prior to the day, or if I was just lazy. But basically, the following 3 days were filled with youtube and youtube and youtube. And youtube. I can't explain it, I just can not. I still remember the feeling I had when I watched all these youtube videos. I was part bored, part tired, part sleepy, part angry, and partly annoyed by the unfinished homework. I was telling myself that if I didn't have homework I would be in blender or eclipse right now chopping through my program or artwork. But we all know what are excuses and what are actual laziness. And in this case, it is both... Please, Someone, hire a hitman to kill me. I will pay you back in hell after you die as well.

You may be thinking that 3 days of constant youtube maybe a bit too overkilled and unbelievable. And I want to tell you, you are darn right. Within those 42 hours of whatever I'm doing, I also played Rocket League. I want to swear... I don't know why, but everything I get any kind of holiday, I just throw them up and wait for the next one. I always plan so many things for the holidays and those goals are darn realistic, but I just end up on Youtube most of the time. I can't explain myself. Let's just not talk about it.

Although life is interesting, I still have bio to study and an essay to fix before I get a B+ again and freak out. So, I guess I need to end it here, peace.

Yay, computer crashed, file lost

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I forgot

It is 10 pm at night currently and I had planned to sleep at 8. But then because of youtube and some of my extra-curricular activities, I forgot my blog for the day. So, now I need to quickly scrap something up to avoid losing the blogging streak. You need to understand, once you lose a streak on something, you are going to stop doing that thing entirely.

And because I have nothing to talk about today, I will talk about how I won a Kahoot game in class. Grow up as a kid, although is seen as a top student way back then, I had never won a Kahoot game. I blame how it is about speed and not accuracy. Little do I know, it is just that I didn't practice enough. Through the daily hw that my math teacher assigned me. I practice Math every single day like it or not. And I believed that this made me improve at math a big chunk, that didn't make sense but moving on. Going into this game, I had no hope in winning, but then when I saw my name on the top 5-leaderboard after the second question, I freaked out. Not the freaking out that you scream, but my heart started racing. I couldn't handle the stress. You have to know, if you win this game, you get 5 points extra credit. And although when the 5 points are put into context, it is not a lot, I had just experienced a grade bump from 10 points. So this Kahoot has the potential in helping me get a step toward the new A grades goal that I have. So, back to the topic, after I answer the 3rd question, I just kept answering the questions right. I was in disbelief when this happened, but I didn't question anything, I just went on. And at the end (way too many ands), I won, long story short.

Yeah, this blog is a weird one, I just want to sleep and keep my daily vlog. So, I guess that is it for today. Hope anyone that is reading it enjoyed my horrible grammar and peace.

The latest out of proportion and dis-even shading of mine

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Finally got back a A- in English

Welcome to my blog where I get very concerned over my own grade. In today's episode, I have to announce that I finally got myself out of a B+ in English and had achieved my goal, and it means that I no longer need to practice my English in which means I'm not continuing this blog...

Just kidding, the whole reason that I got back to a A- is that I attended an extra credit activity and dragged myself out of there. My English still sucks and I still don't know what I am doing in life. Through this severe grade drop that I have, I have learned that I need to stop trying to code my own game in parallel to school work. I am not fit for managing time. But again, my goal for setting up the website before my birthday pre-exists and I still need to attend to it and finish it. With that said, I also need to now pull my grade to an A before Finals. I am going to fail miserably, but everything is worth a try. Even if it comes down to bribing, jk.

Because I had already posted today, I really don't have anything to talk about today. I just want to train my English, if that is even do-able. (pause for 5 minutes...) I guess I will talk about my experience in breaking electronics.

While I love electronics and know how to treat them in order to prevent them from spoiling, I don't do what I know. All my life, each device of mine break one by one under my hands, even the ones with a reputable brand. Fortunately, I only had my first electronic device in Grade 7. So the years before that had been omitted to my electronic curse. The devices that I have broken includes a phone, 2 laptops, 3 Bluetooth earphones, countless cables, countless mice, a kindle and 2 USB. The list is very long and I doubt some people would even own this much electronics in their life. But because I have the privilege of owning this much device, it is also my curse to break all of them.  To be honest, I am not those type of people to intentionally break their devices in order to persuade their parents to buy them a new one, that is lame. It is just that I am clumsy and that is my nature, thank you, I am never wrong. But really, I do don't care as much for these devices and part of me always blame how I know that electronics are designed with user torture in mind. Phones are drop tested and banged on the wall for multiple times to ensure user satisfaction, earphones are made waterproof so that the user won't break it because of carelessness. The problem here is that I use this safe cushion too much and it most of the time doesn't do as much as I want it to.

I don't want to type no more, lol, sorry, that's the end. Bye.

Javascript is dumb, it is sideloaded, phffff

I don't understand how people learn javascript as their first language, IT IS SIDE LOADED!!!!!!!
I really don't want to learn it and use it on my webpage.

I need to sleep.exe

It's freaking twelve twenty-seven in the morning right now. I don't want to sleep, I don't want to play,  I don't want to do hw, I only want to type. But on the other hand, I don't want to type my essay because that counts as hw. And that is why a blog comes in handy, lol.

I actually don't have anything to talk about right now. It is day till Thanksgiving holiday and I just don't want to go to school tomorrow. You have to understand, I like going to school. I had little to no complaint about school for the last 4 years. It's just that something about tmr that strikes me in a mood to not go to school. To be honest, now I think about it, I now slowly gain a feeling of not going to school(that sentence phrasing is bad, but whatever). For the last month, I have been waiting for school to end from the start of the school day. This habit of mine is causing my grades to drop and I still at the moment can't kill this habit. The origin of this phenomenon of mine started when I over-stressed myself while trying to self-study 2 AP subjects. After that, I just gave up on the whole Ap self-study and convinced myself that it is probably better to just focus on extra-curricular activities that I like. So, I branched off to running, coding, drawing, and learning at the same time. Every day started off with me trying to scrap time off my schedule to do these stuff. The end result is that not only can I not take the ap test at the end of the semester now, I also stressed myself out the second time. And after that, I was a slump all alone, how surprising. I literally hate myself now. And the worse thing about this is that I would probably not learn from this mistake of mine. I keep being lazy and using the period of hard-working time to make an excuse for it. It is a never ending-loop.

Just remember again that I still have an essay to type, so I need to finish this now. Peace, lol.

Monday, November 19, 2018


Today, as like any other day, is not productive. I finished school at 3 while using the follow-up hour talking with friends... I really don't know any other way to waste time. On top of that, I don't know what to talk about for today. I'm a successful person.

But in all seriousness tho, I do need to talk about something. So, whatever, I will talk about over-analyzing. I came across this topic when I was scrolling through youtube. And because my watch history is filled with the youtube austinmconell's content, this video about the benefits of over-analyzing come up my recommendations. Through this video, it got me thinking, is over-analyzing really a good thing. According to the video, hidden meanings are made from the general feeling of the story or artwork. It is the general intention of the product that generates hidden meaning not the other way around. Very little directors intentionally put easter eggs to convey their ideas, they just do as they feel and as they want to present themselves. But when it is put in the viewers perspective, the only way to analyze the work of a person is to find these "hidden meanings". In some ways, it is true. When these quote-in-quote hidden meanings are laid out from the feeling of the director, it is possible to trace these hidden-non-meanings back to what the director felt. But then we are assuming that the director did all these intentionally. And it is also where things get wrong at this point.

In my mind, there is nothing wrong in crediting someone for something that they didn't do. It's just that I find it very frustrating... I'm contradicting myself... But then at least I know what I want people to do. I want these analyzers to just analyze. Tell us how certain things would help build the scene subconsciously, tell us how parallels are drawn in the book and how coincidence is made but don't just say the director or author did a list of things. Maybe it is possible to separate this two list and category of things. One for what the director intended and one of how objects contribute. At this point, even I don't know what I am talking about and I am pretty sure I can't do the thing I wish people to do myself. Plus, I have undone hw again!!

At the end of the day, over-analyzing is a fine thing and a good thing... I suppose... (I really hate when I try to argue for something and seeing myself fail). Nevertheless, keep over-analyzing things, at least we could expand our brains and maybe work towards a world where directors really hide thousands of hidden-meanings into their work. But until then, I NEED TO FINISH MY HW!

This is a work I did like a year ago. Still holds up good in my opinion, so peace.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Progress on the website

I know, I missed yesterday's blog(as I say to no one). But then I did write something yesterday, and that is a review of the in-school play. It fell short because yesterday and today were all occupied with me trying to become familiar again with HTML, CSS, and javascript so that I could finish my website before my Birthday. After fixing the home page's CSS yesterday, I used about 4 hours to make the page and learn PHP. It is honestly quite time-consuming.

So, yesterday, I fixed the home page of the website. Wait, let me take that back. The fix is a strong word. Nothing was broken about the site, it is just that it looks horrendous. It doesn't look good now, but then at least I myself could accept it. The thing that I didn't find acceptable is that the mobile version of the site only contains a 100-word paragraph and I knew no one would be interested in that. So, I just switched thing around and have the visual introduction of myself show up instead. And due to the lack of productivity and unfamiliarity I have with the super easy CSS codes, it took me a whole entire day. And the fact that I was kneeling the whole time I typed out the code didn't help either. My original plan for the weekend is to finish all the HTML and CSS portion of the website on Saturday and work on school work on Sunday. But in the end, I spent more than 6 hours on youtube on the bed and 2 hours procrastinating. With all that said, those things are already in the past, so let's just focus on the future.

Today, I wrote the about the web page and fixed a little bit of the home page of my website. Not much. And when you are typing a blog, you don't want to have a stack of homework behind your screen to intimidate you. So, I guess I will stop it here. I have less than 9 hours till school and until I need to hand in my homework. Really some first world problems here.

My on progress website

Friday, November 16, 2018

Still Struggling, lol

After 4 days of having my english grade below A-, it is still stuck at B+... I really hate myself. I am pretty sure one or two of well done assignments would save it from abbliveration, but I guess I will have to see. Continuing my blog, today I'm going to talk about the change i gone through when i moved to shanghai for my education.

It all happened very suddenly, it is one sudden random day that my parents told me about their plan on continuing my education in Shanghai. I still remember that day when I was stunned. At first, I didn't really buy the idea for me to go to a foriegn place and have a new life. I am super lucky that I have made friends despite being anti-social. I can not imagine myself making another group of friend. It is this that blinded me and place me in a very relactant mood about the whole thing. But while I am having this relactant feeling about the whole thing, my parents didn't care and had me take a plane to Shanghai to have the interview with the school. And what made everything so unbelievable is that when I went to the interview there are at least a hundred people trying to go into this school. I didn't know back then that a school could be so popular in getting students in the middle of the year. Despite all the competition that I have to go through to go to this school in shanghai, I somehow made it. I still remember that I wasn't trying that hard on the test because i wanted to stay in Hong Kong. In the end, it;s just a freaking miricale for me to just be able to be accepted to this school.

After being accepted, I went to study in this school the following year as planned. The whole thing was so bizzare to me. When I was in Hong Kong, I was only a little above average compared to the whole city, but now I'm transfered to a foriegn country with a ginourmous school. Just to let you know, I'm not exaggerating when I say ginourmous. The school is at least 10 times larger than the school I was in back in Hong Kong. There are legit "forest" located within the school. And of course, this lovely study environment comes with a cost, same with just studying oversees. That drawback is the tution is heavy. Although that tution compared the that of the school I'm studying now in the US is nothing, but then I can not believe that amount could be used in just a tution for a secodary school student. And this specific detail changed me drastically.

Back when I was still studying in Hong Kong, I love playing video games(Minecraft). I save all my homework in class while leaving all other in the one hour that i go to school early. I finish my homework mostly a few seconds before turning them in. And while my parents had adapt to what I use to do and assign me extra mandatory worksheet that i need to do daily, to my game-loving heart, it poses no challenge at all. And as i push everything that i need to do during class, i leave all the time left for minecraft. Even if you ask me now for how I didn't get bored from that blocky game, I can provide no answer at all. But this compared to me in Shanghai is a totally change. After I went to Shanghai, I was always reminded of the tution that my parents are paying for me to be there. There is a constant stress that pushes me forward. Although this kind of stress did die down during my second year in Shanghsi, at least it cured my gaming edition.

While going to shanghai for secondary school was against my wishes, it did a lot of good things to me. For one, I quited gaming. And secondly, I finally had the right attitude for studying. And just to clarify, my studying habits are still not the best, with procrastination being my worst enemy, it is way better than before and I am greatful that my parents sent me to where I go.

My dropping and dying grade, especially English

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Getting my website setup

Looking back on the vlog that I had decided to start was a bummer. It reminded me of the failure I had with it. On that vlog, I was only able to get 5 continuous days before I gave up. For me, I think the biggest causation of that tragic story is how long I need to edit in the videos. For each vlog, I need about half an hour to put together and another hour to render it with my integrated graphics CPU. If I would have a GPU, things may change, but I doubt it myself. Maybe one more vlog to be produced, that's all. And for that exact reason, I turned to write a blog rather than reiterate the vlog that I have. With that said, I had just set up the server that will host my server. The content there is still very non-finished, lol, so I won't release it just yet. On top of that, I didn't really add any sort of security backups just yet, so It would still be some time.

While making this website, I ran into some problems, very stupid problems. Because my deadline for this website for myself is before my birthday which is a month away. And for a 10th grader to write a web hosting program in that amount of time is not really that possible. Plus, I also wanted to have accounts on this server that I make, so... Back to the topic, lol, the problem I had with the server is that the server was child-proofed and they were trying to prevent us from being hacked. But for me, I don't care about being hacked and this program isn't allowing me to host it, So, after changing values in texts files for an hour, I finally got it to work. To the question why it took a whole hour, I really don't know.

After finally finishing initializing the program that I downloaded, I tried to go on the website on my phone, and oh boy is that website ugly. While the responsive website doesn't look good by itself, the responsive website didn't even show up. I then went about fixing that, and still keeping the bad design. It was then I just realized that I need to type that whole website again because the one I have now is trash. And that itself comes with loads of problems. Final is coming up so it won't be such a possible thing to just work on my website solely. On top of that, my laptop just broke yesterday, so to make my website productively, I could only type it out at home. And that brings me to the final problem, I am getting fat, lol. I need to go do exercise and this type tight schedule of finishing this website before my birthday is really hard to do. But nevertheless, life is about accepting challenges, so I guess it is fine and the only thing that I could do is to go through it by myself while whining about it on the internet.

Although the upcoming month of buildup towards my birthday would be very busy, I look forward to completing this challenge of mine (I'm so cringy).

The website that I am working on

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

My experience of trying to get a toy

As like the past 2 dsys, I have no idea what to write about today. I should thank anybody, even myself in this case, to have waste time to read this along with me. But under the pressure of the potential death of this 2-day long blog, I am going to talk about the exprience of me trying to get a hasbro toy from my parents.
Similar to any normal child, I was very into transformers when I was small. Transformers was very fascinating to me because one single object was able to be two discrete things. The transforming part of transformers put my younger self into awe and disbelieve. What makes me even more stoked is that there are actual real-life toys that transform. With this awe, I have for transformers, me as a kid desired for toys after toys of it. After my parents had suffered through the suffering of my begging for months, they said that if I would finish the Chinese book series called "The Hero that shoot Eagles" (this name for it is just my straight translation). Being 11 years old at that time, this 4 book series in Chinese is more than impossible in my eyes. You need to understand, despite me being raised in Hong Kong, I am more familiar with English than Chinese. I could finish an English translation without breaking a sweat, but reading it in Chinese would break the patience in me. At that point in time, I didn't think I would even be able to finish the first chapter. After some time of me struggling with my own inner heart, I set on reading this book.
The first few chapters of this book are torture. Because of how the book likes to be written in a half poem half prose format, I'm was literally confused to the biggest degree. Through this period, I used the toy that I am going to get afterward as a motivation to push myself through. And after that initial few chapters, I need to admit that it isn't really that hard. But as a 5th-grade student, I obviously don't understand everything. Still, reading this book is a fun experience because I had just filled in the parts that I don't understand with my imagination. This reading trait of mine had led me to a few wrong word definitions in my heart. One of the many examples of this in English is the phrase "being guilty". For the longest time of my life, I thought being guilty is to be pure and innocent. The problem of filling in things that you don't understand with your imagination is that you always get the opposite of what the real definition is. To be honest, this totally opposite definitions of words that I learned from books would carry on appearing in my life. Back to the Chinese book that I was talking about, although the book is overall interesting to the 11-year-old self, there are many parts of it that I just can not except.
The second problem with this Chinese book series is that it contains relationships between male and female. This book is the first book I have read that deal with the pg part of relationships. To be direct, the character didn't have sex literally, but it talked about people being naked. And to an 11-year-old, allow me to repeat myself, is not bearable. From that point before, all I have read is Charle and the Chocolate factory, nothing more. And because of how obscure these things are to my mind at that time, I still remember the specific details about it. On top of that, the fact that I am not getting every word that I read isn't a helping factor.
Moving on to the third problem, the book is freaking boring. As like any other Chinese old novels, this book has subplots that repeat and repeats itself. After defeating one person, they went on defeating another. After gaining an ability, they went on concurring another one. And 4 books of exactly that although still managed to entertain myself, is not able to make me hate the book at the same time. This paragraph is still lacking description and words. But for my time sake, I need to move on.
Because I still have hw to do like any other high schoolers, I need to go attend on my hw now. The rest of the story is just me finally finishing the book while getting a dinosaur transformer in the end. I know no one would read this thing. But if you really did read it, I thank you for wasting time with me and I wish you at least didn't lose brain cells. gb.
Plz cheer me on with this drawing, I don't have the
 gut within me to intentionally draw time out to finish it

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What is a blog

Going on the second blog of whatever this is, I really don't know what is the potential of a blog. I just came around to found out that I have no idea what this who blog thing is about. While I admit that my life is dynamic and interesting, I don't think I have that much to say on a daily blog. Although the main purpose of this blog is to just improve my English as I would be typing. As that being said, for today, I will talk about the lucky life that I have been living in.
Growing up in Hong Kong, my mother tongue is Cantonese and English isn't something that familiar with me. According to my mother, I used to chew and tear books instead of actually reading them. This little detail of my childhood had got me into countless times of annoying talks with my mum. Whenever I can't figure something out despite giving my best try, my mum always brings up how I didn't use books in a proper way when I was small, and that is the causation of my "stupidity" of that time. Although this treatment may seem bad and horrible, I'm glad that I got through it and have a parent that is willing to carry out this treatment for me. Through the senseless blaming and accusing from my mum, I really develop a very humble characteristic(not anymore after I said it, but....). Whatever you might really think about my treatment as a kid, I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Although I agree with this way of teaching myself, I won't choose this path myself even with the pre-knowledge of how it would help me grow as a person.
On the topic of how I don't know what s blog is about and what I am suppose to be writing in a blog, I just found out how a blog works. Just now, my computer broke. Specifically, the charging port on my computer broke. I guess this is what a blog does. It is a place where one records what interesting or unusual thing had happened that day. I have never thought that anything out of the records would happen regularly, but I guess these incidents happen sometime somehow. To have a blog on the other hand is to provide a place to express and release the excitment or furstration that the incident creates. Today, my laptop broke. I would not be coding as much and a lot of plans that I had planned out for myself had broken down. For example, the website that I had promised myself to finish before my birthday, maybe postpond just for the fact that I don't have a portable computer no more. All I am relying on is a yoga book gen 1 keyboard. I believe I still got a typing speed of about 60 wpm(I'm pretty proud of that, lol). Nevertheless, I would try my best to finish my freelancer website as soon as possible and live on my life as a normal dude.
From today, it could be definitely be described as a roller coaster ride. I went from being souly bored with my life to having my main laptop breaking down on me. Nevertheless, as I use this word the second time, life is interesting and we just gotta adapt and survive.

Just a side note, while my computer broke down an me and furstration arose from under my heart, my parents immediately offered to buy me a new one. As I said from my first blog, I am spoiled.
Another Art Piece that I did. I dunno why me doing this. Whatever

Monday, November 12, 2018

First Post, I really don't know what I'm doing

When I first came to USA to pursue high school due to my loving supportive family, the purpose of it is to improve my English both verbally and linguistically. Although the side purpose of it is to assist me in getting into a better US college and allow me to have more free time to work on my extracurricular aspects of mine, the main reason is to improve my English. And after 3 months in the US, I fell from A+ to a B+ in English. Long story short, I just simply did not believe my ability to get a B in English even if I tried, so I just left it on the second priority. As you can see, my grammar is rusty, my English is dull, my phrasing is weird and problems stack up everywhere. Which brings me to what I am doing now. I am starting a blog...
Like everything in my life, I can guaranty that this thing of mine wouldn't even survive 2 weeks after I abandoned it. The thing about continuing a blog is very tricky. If you are successful in keeping one, either you are very passionate about it or you simply do not care whatsoever. With that being said, I'm going to go with the latter and not care about this blog at all. The purpose of this blog is to motivate to type useless **** as it would theoretically improve my writing, the worse part of my English problem. Add on to the recent breakthrough of 90wpm of mine, there is no better time to start a blog than now. I hope no one reads this as all this are just me blurting about my non-interesting(I actually can't think of a word for that) life. It would be a very tricky task to hide this from my friends and family as because the name Speedstor is somewhat unique (the exact reason why I love it). I still didn't try searching speedstor blog on the internet, and I don't have any hope of seeing this on it, but then it is a possibility.
With this being the first blog of mine, I guess I would do a quick introduction of myself as I had done countless times before in my 15.8 years of my life. I am an introvert. I have a Razer blade stealth. I have a Razer Blackwidow chroma. I have a razer naga. I have a Razer Nabu watch I have a razer bag... Ok, I'm kidding. Let's me just pull my continuousness back. So, I'm Aldrin Cheung, a student at a preparatory academy called Fairmont. The list of hobbies of mine includes coding, drawing, animating, running, youtube, and wasting time. A year ago I would hold back on mentioning my interest in art due to how bad my art was back then. I'm sure a year later I would criticize the art I am producing now pretty hard, but I am proud to say that I am not that bad at drawing. Moving on from drawing, I also am a geek and love everything about computers. You could misread me as a gamer from the list of Razer product that I have but I'm not. I had played more than a 400 Minecraft Skywars matches in my life and I had only won 2. I simply cannot be drawn to games as the only thing I get is lost after lost (pretty sure the grammar is wrong there, but I don't care enough to figure out what to replace that with. As I said, the only way to maintain a blog is to not care about it). Going back to what I was saying, I love tech. I'm not particularly good at it, but I could do what I could do. In the past, I have made a few counterfeit games and I guess that's it. This paragraph is all over the place at this point, so I'm just going to end it with a referral to my art portfolio.
This blog had been going on for quite some time now, and I don't wanna type no more. So I guess I would end it here. Hope this blog wouldn't end up like my daily vlog, DON'T SEARCH IT UP. (Quality outro)
my latest FAILED artwork (Don't worry about it)