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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Perceptions | How There Was 3 Different Comments on the Same Room

Last semester my English class read The Life of Pi and my awesome teacher really dug on how perception played a role in that story. Her stressing on how the perception of different people came back to me when a couple of my friends and family commented on my room. Long story short is that the four people that saw my room identify it with a certain mood. While my housemate thinks it is high-school-ish, my friend relates it to a hacker room.

To my housemate that is 2 years younger than me, I am that awesome high-school kid that have perfect grades and can do everything known to man(obviously I exaggerated a bit). I was that kid that code, sing, play saxophone, have all As, and have a patient heart. When he went into my room 3 days1 ago, he immediately noted that it feels like room for a successful high-schooler. He specifies said, "your room feel like it is for high-schoolers. Mine feels like a normal adult room." I don't know what that second line came from, but his remark on my room was made based on me as a person and not on the room solely. He thought of the room in relation to my characteristics and in relation to what he thought of me. Although the whole room has absolute no decorations at all, he thought of what he had thought of. His view of the room was affected by his perception of me.

My Room
I really just butchered this one.
I have hw, but I want to have a picture of my room to go along with the blog

To my friend at school, his first words in my room were, "This is the hacker room, right?" In his defense, I had a server up and running in a terminal my Linux computer and the screen that was present was one with green text on top of a black background. In my friend's case, because he knows me as the kid that taught himself electronics and 3 programming language, he saw the room as one for "hackers". My talks with him explaining how exactly hackers do their work, and how they are just exploiting loopholes within programs, manipulated him in seeing my room as he sees it. Once again, he saw the room based on the characteristics he thinks of me and not based on the environment of the room. My room had the same blue paint along with a couple of desks and drawers. The actual interior of my room was making any effect on how people think of it.

To my homestay parents, they said my room was comfy. At that time, I to them was the kind and nice kid that is very regular with his habits. They knew me as one that has a good sleeping schedule along with a good-intended ambition. They saw the room as one that is very tidy and organized because of me. From then to now, the organization of my room didn't change much, it is still that messy and that tidy, but it is only my homestay parents that said that room was comfy and organized.

Different people had different comments about my room just because of what they think of me. They didn't comment on the room based on the actual room, but rather had commented according to me. Their perceptions affected their thoughts and perception really played a major role. This phenomenon tells me how perception is really that manipulative and effective.

1. (the reason why it is 3 days is because I was too lazy to type the last 3 days)
P.S: I didn't post this "daily" blog in 4 days. I am lacking off. But I will come back strong, I believe.

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