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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Finishing my Website

If you read my blogs, you would know that I wanted to finish my website and earn my first portion of money before my 16th birthday. And as you know, I didn't really do that. My website had just yesterday got rid of green squares in place of actual pictures. My target of finishing all this before December is now finally half way done 2 months later. After setting up a domain, the next step is getting customers which would pose its own challenge. But in the end, the only important thing is that I need to keep trying.

Just last Friday, my school counselors held a talk about the International Baccalaureate Program(IBP) and how we should be applying for it. With my enormous amount of tuition that my parents are paying for me right now, it is annoying to have the need to even pay more. Although nothing about a rise in tuition that the IB program would bring, I think it is implied. But there is still a possibility that because my tuition is in such great amount that it won't cost extra(whatever, it's impossible). In that talk, the counselors listed a bunch of benefits in taking the program, their list went on and on for hours. One of the many reasons that they addressed is how the program would shape the student as an individual. They said that because of the tight scheduling and the forcing of good habits within that program. The program is said to be a very well-rounded, balanced, and I think I would gain a lot of experience for being there.

The alternative option other than IB is AP, and although it is said to be an inferior option, it is said to have their own benefits. AP is not foreign to the US and most US colleges are more familiar to AP in contrast to IB. And although the acceptant rate of IB students is higher, the places and spots available for it are less in one college. The possibility of getting in a college through pure luck is more unlikely than ever. In addition, when taking AP, there is no limit on how many subjects you could take. While IB offers a program which you choose a certain number of classes to earn a diploma. AP just offer you an unlimited option of tests that some student does take them all.

In this blog, it is obvious that I don't know what I am talking about. But I haven't posted for 7 days straight, so I am just going to throw this out there.

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