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Saturday, January 26, 2019

A Ramble about quotes from a book

Like yesterday, I finished a big chunk of "This is Marketing" by Seth Godin, specifically 33% again. And also like yesterday, I have some thoughts about some of what this book says and want to get it off my chest before I go annoy some of my friends if I do have any at all.

"When people share their negative stories, they often try to broaden the response and universalize it. They talk about how 'no one' or everyone' will..." (Godin 1203).
This quote doesn't relate to me that much in contrast to the previous quotes that I responded to. This quote reminded me of how Youtubers indirectly complain about their comment section. Most of the time, YouTubers like to say that the negative comment doesn't affect anymore or that they don't see those comment as anything that is even worth their time. But, in my point of view, if anyone talks about how something doesn't affect them, that thing that they are talking about is already affecting them. That thing that they are talking about is making them have this feeling of power and that they have the power to ignore people. This is one of the many things that only exists if you don't talk about them. The second you want others to know about this bound topic, this special thing isn't that thing anymore. To put it into context, to tell everyone that you are humble will break your characteristics of being humble. The second that you talk about it, you are not humble about being humble. The second these YouTubers say that those comments don't bother them the single bit, they cared about these comments. I am getting off topic, this is nothing related to the quote. Back to what we... I am talking about. The typical negative youtube comment "broaden the response and universalize it". Although this is such a simple and obvious thing, I never notice it enough to actually point it out to myself.

"In the last few decades, we've gotten lazier in our nuance of warding status, preferring it to be related to either the dollars in a bank account or the number of followers online. But status continues to take many forms" (Godin 1522).
I really do not know what is wrong with me, I only feel awe in non-fiction only when it is about a personal experience, lol. Because this blog is one that I don't put that much effort into, I will just again talk about my personal experience. The reason that I highlighted this on my kindle is the topic of "status". This author explains status in a very interesting way, in a way that he says it is "relative". I couldn't find a very direct short quote to explain his view of status. Basically, he sees the status as the respect, power, and authority that one person has. He pointed out that a middle-class blogger has a higher status than a millionaire because he got more influence on people. Of course, a millionaire can pay someone that has influence to influence people, but that is not the point. For me, although I was in the lowest and easiest classes in my school in Shanghai, I have a sort of high status in my school. Like I said in my previous vlog, I was famous for being the kind and good kid at school and most classmates treat me very good. I could justify bad actions just by agreeing on it. If someone has a joke about how Christmas is in January (typical boring high school jokes) and I agree on it, the friend that is being trolled would have nothing to say. Thinking back, I am not that kind nor good anyways. But back then, I have the status to change conversations and silence them as I want.

"Status has inertia. We're more likely to work to maintain our status (high or low) than we are to try to change it" (Godin 1532).
This again is a personal experience. This author is such good at interpreting human response that I am a bit freaked out by it. In the book, he is constantly surprising me how he pin-points my behavior in life. It is in such extent that it is very scaring. His saying of how people would want to keep their status no matter what is very true. For me, I had been identified as the super skinny kid for most of my life, and when I get a little be fat(and which is healthy for me) I would freak out. I was so keen on keeping my status of being the most skinny kid that I didn't even care for my health no more. It is such striking to me that this marketer knows me more than myself.

That is all for today, and I will most likely finish the book tomorrow and write the last blog on it. If you are reading this, I am very thankful for it but let's be honest here, no one would read this. Even the people that read had been little than ever, the possibility for anyone to read this is rounded to 0.

I don't have any picture to go along with this blog, but I wanted to include one. So this is a picture of the kindle that accompany me when I am bathing

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