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Friday, January 25, 2019

"This is Marketing - Seth Godin"

I used to find book reviews and the analysis of non-fiction book stupid. If the non-fiction book already gave out the information it wanted to, why is it needed to re-explain it on a blog or similar matter? Having a blog that no one reads, I now understand. After reading a book, it is most likely to have something to talk about it. And when that happens would want to type it out to the non-existent audience of mine. (me and you, I don't know which is which no more) I didn't type my thoughts of the book because I wanted to sound smart or explain my foundings, I just want to get things off my chest.

Because I really don't care that much, I will do it the less interesting way.

"When the teenager was fifteen, he didn't have that much of transport problem. And plenty of teenagers make it through the college years without a car. This is a want, not a need" (Godin 687).
 This line strikes me a lot because I always hear adults say how impossible it is to live without a car. And I always think that there are buses and buses carry us around just fine. Me, as a middle school student runs everywhere I want to go. If something is out of the running distance, I ignore it and not go there. Although that is not always true and sometimes I need a car to go to competitions, there is still the uber option. To be honest, this line doesn't really mean to much to the average person, it is just to me that a book-writing person had backed up my thoughts entirely.

"We're seeking our own little pocket of uniqueness" (Godin 687).
This line similar to the one before is special to me for a very specific reason. For my life, I have avoided popular songs just to avoid them and just to be unique. This side of me made me miss out of a lot of songs, but that is what makes me. I strive to be unique all the time, And if something is too popular I will stop doing it. In the past, I pride myself on the fact that I stray away from youtubers more than a million subscribers. A small reason for this is that the videos of large channels are too polished for a single creator and it makes me jealous. The whole time, I was seeking my own little pocket of uniqueness. I made myself unique by brute force. And by doing it, I was still driven by the crowd, being driven the inverted way.

(Talking about yahoo, google and bing search engines)
'What (google) was better (than others) was that the search box didn't make you feel stupid" (Godin 908).
Although I don't have the slightest idea of why google was ahead of the game since search engines improve as more people uses it. This answer explains a lot to me. Google by providing just one search box compared with the thousands of links on Yahoo search, was more simple and "less stupid" to use. I never related design with quality. All the doctor's registration software are messy as hell, but nearly all doctors use the same software. The thousands of boxes and links on that software didn't seem to have frustrated them too much and so I concluded that quality needs to be separated from design. Design of a product is only a bonus and won't affect much to the consumer. Thinking back, the major reason that I was a razer fanboy is not that I am a gamer, but is because their design is pleasing.

That is it, that is the insight that I have on the first third of the book. I didn't organize everything seamlessly because no one would read it anyways.

"This is marketing" book

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  1. Yeah, standing out if the crowd is cool. Be yourself and do what you like for good. Be kind, and you will be sure for the uniqueness with joy and happy.