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Friday, December 28, 2018

The Shadow of the Wind | Book Review

                Although I am not a book nerd, I enjoy a vast range of books. From non-fiction to fantasy, I find much joy in reading through them. Lately, I read the book “The Shadow of the Wind”, and it is such a fun and enjoyable book that I actually for once wanted to write a review about it. The story started off with a young boy called Daniel getting a book that is mythicized by his dad. While his dad knew nothing about the book this boy got, he told him to protect it and not to let any other people get it from him. Although this didn’t much in the start, it greatly foreshadowed the suspenseful rest of the book. I went into this book thinking is just another book illustrating a boy who loved books, but I finished it with awe and disbelieve in how colorful the story is despite its dark nature. This story by filling the reader with complex plot elements and contrasting characters created its own universe while only having the story take place on the Earth that we are all living in.
                The first and most stand-out part of this book is its suspense. Most books contain suspense, and without it a book will never be finished. This is a sad fact that anyone needs to admit. If you could look in the mirror and say to yourself that you could entertain yourself with a non-fiction book, you are lying. Although suspense if plentiful in most books, this one made it fresh. In all the books that I had read in the past, most of them use multiple arches that are roughly smashed into each other to extend the suspense and in return the book. If a story consists of only one narrative, the length of it normally falls short. This story is different, except a letter that concluded the story at the end, the entirety of the plot line focused only Daniel’s perspective and the story doesn’t feel dull. With only one big mystery throughout the book, it paced the story well enough to sustain that suspense that dragged me on even when I was tired. And I was tired only because I was reading it at two in the morning.
                In addition to the wellful paced suspense throughout the book, the book also offers a great mystery. Unlike most books, this story contains one mystery that branch out to several puzzles of their own and they don’t feel separated. All the pieces of puzzles tie together seamlessly and you won’t feel being thrown around between story arches while reading the book. I have never felt lost in place throughout the book and each mystery and puzzle are not obvious while being very interesting. To read the book is like to be part of it and although a lot of book does this really good, The Shadow of the Wind does an even better job of this.
                And because of my procrastination problems, I will just end it here. After the second paragraph, I had already lost passion for finishing this book review. Not that its any problem with the book but all because of me. To be honest, for a book to make me want to write a book review about it is already very good, so if you are craving for a book to read lately, I strongly recommend The Shadow of the Wind.

I didn't even know why I believed in myself for finishing a book review.


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