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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Finished Finals / Website Update

Finals had passed, finally. I no longer need to worry about my grade because it is already dead, jk. Let's do another one of my grade updates cuz I'm interesting. Firstly, the main thing is that all my subjects are now on or above 92 and only one of the subjects is an A-. The only subject to fall below A for me in Spanish which I had no idea how it was possible, but everything is still fine. I got a 97 on the test and 100 with extra credits in the Final, that's a mouth-full. I got a 99 in Biology and it is definitely not because the teacher treated me unfairly. Like I ofc could get 99 on my own, don't freaking question me. The only thing you need to be aware of is that I had never bribed the teacher, that's all.

With Finals being a thing in the past, I finally have time for my website and finish it before my birthday. I only have 2 more pages to go for my website as I finish one of them today. Although I do really think that html and css is the easiest thing in the whole entire world, it doesn't mean that it is a very simple and fast thing to get rid of. While I could type a whole webpage without even caring, I normally take a day to finish a page of the website. The reason behind this is that website is supposed to be built with a program and with sliders, but because I want to do everything from the ground up and building a website builder is not a thing I want to do, I typed my whole webpage up. The values that are needed to be put in are now done by dead trying every single number until it is right. After trying 10 and finding it is too small, I switch to 14 and found out that it is too big, and then I switch back to 13 to find that it is still a bit too big, and finally I would switch the number to 12. Although this might seem to be a very short process, when it is put into a context of switching windows and pressing f5 every single number change, a simple task could take a long time. (I notice that my English isn't really making the most sense right now, but just stick with me here) Because of how css is a stupid markup language, I could only try and try and try. Resulting in me using a whole day to finish one webpage. Either way, it is still a good practice of patience.

The final product of the webpage I did today isn't the best in the world because I really didn't want to put in such effort for some dumb task, but it is still responsive and user-reaction-friendly. There are pop up and examples that demonstrate everything. So, yeah.

Now, I need to move on to practicing my drawing skills so that if I really somehow get a client, I could deliver what I promised.

The webpage that I did today. Pictures are still not yet included, its fine

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  1. I highly suggest that you take up the subject that you really like. Computer Science and/or Arts are your talent. There is nothing simple, there are many things you may not know or depth enough.