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Monday, December 31, 2018

My Birthday

Although it's not like that anyone reads my blog in any way, I'm gonna tell you guys that today is my birthday The one day that is same with any other day but with the difference being the presents you are given and received. In honesty, I didn't have any sort of feeling of being special when I woke up today. This day is identical to my normal days, and the reason that this day is actually significant is that we as rational beings like to remember how old we are. Without birthdays, we may all be like an old dude that cannot remember how old he is. When you think about it, if your parents hadn't told you about when you are born and the world doesn't have birth certificates, you will not even know your birthday. With that said, that is the ridiculous part of birthdays. On this day, you could be unlucky, productive, lazy, busy or free. It is just another day that we have to live through to experience the importance of wasting time. Ok, not everyone wastes time, but at least I do, so there you go.

I don't hate birthdays, and because of all the presents that I had gotten for the last 16 years, I love them. Because I'm young and fortunate to be in a wealthy family, this particular day is that day that I get free stuff which I had dreamt of for an entire year. This year, I got one step up and gotten one of the most expensive gifts in my whole lifetime excluding my tuition for school. One of the many and main reasons that I got that gift this year is because I attended an easier school. When thinking of it one way, I had worked less in school but got a higher score in return. My attitude for learning didn't change much in my opinion, but I have definitely put extra-curricular activities more up the priority compared to my previous years.

Although I do have a lot more to talk about in regard to birthdays and how pumped I am for my birthday presents, I am too lazy to type all those things out on the day that is marked my birthday so I will leave the blog here. There is no person on the planet that is as lazy as me.

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  1. I don't think that you are lazy. in fact, I think that you need more confidence on yourself.

    In my eye, you are unique, clever, kind and powerful.