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Monday, December 31, 2018


Looking back on the blog post I did that is titled "Wasting Time",  I found out that I wasn't that bad anyways. On that post, I went over how I had wasted half of my holiday without even knowing it and illustrated my frustration to keep finding ways to waste time. That two sentences don't sound right, but I will let it be. What do I mean by "wasn't that bad"? The phrase "wasn't that bad" is used by me because I improve a lot to previous holidays of mine. Recurring to my previous holiday, I still remember how I struggle to write when picking up a pen at the end of the holidays. As anyone would, my previous holiday consists of me doing my holiday homework in the last week, and as I said, I couldn't even hold on to a pen correctly. I struggled writing neatly to impress new teachers as I was going to have a new English teacher due to the bais teacher I had the previous semester. I was going to talk about how improvements are very important in life and how I should keep improving, but I am just going to talk about my beloved English teacher now.

My first English teacher in 9th grade loved me, and I do say it literally. Although my English isn't top notch (plz refer to my first two sentences in this blog), this teacher gave me 80 - 100 on my homework just for my effort. While I do put in much effort into my homework and especially English, I can find flaws in my homework myself. One of the many examples of this is the homework that I have that consisted of three or so questions for each chapter of a book. Although I told myself that I would answer each question as if they were on an exam when I first got the packet, I slacked off in the end like everybody else. All that is left in my homework is good handwriting. And this "good handwriting" isn't even that good when compared to my classmate's handwriting. You may say that I put in effort in writing those bunch of letters, but you need to know that I did not put the effort in the practical answer itself. When the teacher received my packet and mark it, he listed a bunch of things that he was impressed with. At this point, I am either super smart or just super loved by the teacher. Just some months later, I ended up with two 90s in the mid-term and final which led me to the move-up test.

My move-up test was ridiculously dumb. You need to know, the holiday that went before this test is the same holiday that I struggled to write during the end of it. To be honest, I couldn't even pronounce English words correctly during the end of that holiday, but somehow I passed that super difficult move-up test. This test was failed by millions, and even the strongest, straight A students had trouble with it, but somehow, I, as a stupid, dumb 9th grader that is an underdog in most cases passed this freaking test. This is unbelievable. I couldn't believe it. In the end, I came into the reason that the teacher that gave me all hundreds in the previous semester was the cause of this. Maybe this teacher hated me that much that he just gave me all perfect scores and contacted the teacher of the higher level English class just to let me pass the move-up test. This is dumb. But like anything, I found out that it is just that the teacher wanted to teach me next year in Honors+ English that he pushed me up to Honors+ before he won't have the chance to do so.

I may have sounded a bit harsh in this blog. And that is due to my desire to sleep now, I love that teacher and he did teach in the best method known to me. He went over his own material million times by himself and only gave us the best treatment in class. And although it seems to be that he was bias toward me, he did treat his students very equally. It may just because I love this teacher so much that I think he loves me too, lol, I don't know what I'm saying anymore. But I need to sleep, so Imma gonna sleep now, so bye. This blog is weird, I hope no one reads this. And the fact is that no one does, so that's great, yay, bye, I'm weird.

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