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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Finals Day 1

The first day of Finals is coming to an end and I was playing games for the last 4 hours. Am I smart, maybe not really. Tomorrow's test is going to be English and my English now is no longer the one with 5 page long essays. In a way this is a good thing because I don't need to write essays within one and a half hour, the bad thing is that there are definite right or wrong answers now. In the past, my score goes with my teacher's mood and the smartness of me of that day. Right now, it is just me and my revision, nothing else. What makes things worse is that I think I know everything about the books that I am going to be tested on, but I still don't feel confident. Re-reading the 2 books now is now logical and just going through the notes won't really help me that much.

What I am going to talk about today is that how hard it is to review for some certain subjects. Although all subjects could be technically be reviewed for, some other subjects really confuse me on how exactly would I be doing that. For English, I used to just not review for them and just based on luck. Last year, I got vocabs to review for because the vocabs had became more difficult for me. But other than that, I mostly just listen to music on my earphones. The problem this year is that I no longer have my earphone and I can't just kill time. So, I resorted to actually reviewing for the exam and that brought me to this problem. First off, as I said, I couldn't re-read the book, cause I won't be able to finish it and conclusions are pretty useless. I tried summarizing the poem that I am going to be tested on, but I gave up halfway. The new computer allowed me to type an "essay" in my blog, but I don't think that would help too much either. The blog was designed to have a long-term impact and not a short boost of "English Skill" for me to take on exams. The second methods of reviewing English that I thought of is to discuss the book with friends, but that is kind of not possible for me. "I need friends" (Justice League). [btw, Justice League is a very bad movie. I know]. The thing is that your friends would not be able to have time to talk about a book that you choose because you think it helps you with your final. People mostly actually take English test without preparation. And I don't see any problem with that. (At this point, I am running out things to say, but I want to stretch this out because This is what I am good at, talking trash. And what I say trash, it is trash. Whatever, let's continue. The third way of reviewing English is to do sat practices. The problem with this method is that it is a long-term thing as well. Doing a couple questions the day before the test won't help you that much. So, in conclusion, ther is nothing that you could do to prepare for the English test when it is only a couple hours away. Although there are the literal thing that you are going to be able to do, those things would be useless. If you think otherwise, please tell me, cause I really want comments on my blog because I know that no one is reading them. And if anyone is going to be reading this, I would be very happy.

Moving on, the second topic that I will talk about today is my new computer. I know that I had already talked about my new computer on my last blog two days ago, but I want to add something because I can not think of anything to talk about. With my new computer, I could finally play 1080 games with 60fps. And although the computer is so big that it makes my old razer blade stealth feels like a baby, it packs a lot of power. No so much like gaming laptops, but it is enough to have me impressed by it. The best thing about it is the design. Although thinkpads are old-fashioned machines, the design of my x1 extreme is able to hit the modern design language while keeping the thinkpad tradition. With the soft touch material and the nub being in the middle of the keyboard, I would think that It is impossible to make it look modern. But somehow the use of sharp angles and the new layout of the keyboard makes the computer look modern again. In my opinion, this design of the thinkpad is even better than the dell xps 15.

I am near home now, And I don’t think I could continue typing, so I am going to stop it here and stop the blog. The blog is definitely improving my English and I would definitely continue it. But with that said, I still don’t know how to conclude and end a blog, so imma just gonna end it here, peace, bye, goodbye, esta luego (I don’t know how to spell it).

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