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Sunday, November 25, 2018


Thanksgiving has just passed and I wasted more than 2 days solely on Youtube. I still remember how I had purposefully told myself that I cannot waste time on this holiday. I got a website to set up, an art skill that I need to learn, a blog that I need to continue, homework to do, and revisions to catch up with. But despite having a great Thanksgiving meal that I had help none of whatsoever, I didn't really do too much of anything. It is the last day of the holidays and I had just barely finished my 2 homework throughout the 5-day break... I really need to work on how to manage my time...................... (infinite dots).

First try
Let's talk about the actual Thanksgiving day on Thursday. That day was awesome, to be honest. Although as I said, I didn't participate in making the meal for everyone, I did do productive things. As to how productive it is, I guess I will leave it up to you to decide. So, basically, I went through a bunch of (2) 3d sculpting tutorials the night before and I sculpted an ear and an unsuccessful head, very unsuccessful head. I don't think I stressed it enough, a very extremely bad unsuccessful head. And the fact that I can't actually draw a face without a reference picture didn't help with anything. All my past artworks had been cheated through by copying the shading on a picture. But in a 3d environment, shading is no longer a thing, it is all handled by the computer. But in return, you actually need to know the bumps and crevices on a face. Obviously, because I had cheated on art for all my 15 years of life, I had no idea how to do anything in that 3d environment. But let's put our failures in the past and never look at them again, except when I actually need to do the whole process again in the future, I don't know what I'm saying, the phrasing is way off. I can't type and I can't English. It is definitely not because I skipped 2 days of blogging.

Failed 3d face. It at least looks like a face, but...
As to what I did after the Thanksgiving break is pretty dumb. I don't know if I was too productive during the 2 days prior to the day, or if I was just lazy. But basically, the following 3 days were filled with youtube and youtube and youtube. And youtube. I can't explain it, I just can not. I still remember the feeling I had when I watched all these youtube videos. I was part bored, part tired, part sleepy, part angry, and partly annoyed by the unfinished homework. I was telling myself that if I didn't have homework I would be in blender or eclipse right now chopping through my program or artwork. But we all know what are excuses and what are actual laziness. And in this case, it is both... Please, Someone, hire a hitman to kill me. I will pay you back in hell after you die as well.

You may be thinking that 3 days of constant youtube maybe a bit too overkilled and unbelievable. And I want to tell you, you are darn right. Within those 42 hours of whatever I'm doing, I also played Rocket League. I want to swear... I don't know why, but everything I get any kind of holiday, I just throw them up and wait for the next one. I always plan so many things for the holidays and those goals are darn realistic, but I just end up on Youtube most of the time. I can't explain myself. Let's just not talk about it.

Although life is interesting, I still have bio to study and an essay to fix before I get a B+ again and freak out. So, I guess I need to end it here, peace.

Yay, computer crashed, file lost

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