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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I forgot

It is 10 pm at night currently and I had planned to sleep at 8. But then because of youtube and some of my extra-curricular activities, I forgot my blog for the day. So, now I need to quickly scrap something up to avoid losing the blogging streak. You need to understand, once you lose a streak on something, you are going to stop doing that thing entirely.

And because I have nothing to talk about today, I will talk about how I won a Kahoot game in class. Grow up as a kid, although is seen as a top student way back then, I had never won a Kahoot game. I blame how it is about speed and not accuracy. Little do I know, it is just that I didn't practice enough. Through the daily hw that my math teacher assigned me. I practice Math every single day like it or not. And I believed that this made me improve at math a big chunk, that didn't make sense but moving on. Going into this game, I had no hope in winning, but then when I saw my name on the top 5-leaderboard after the second question, I freaked out. Not the freaking out that you scream, but my heart started racing. I couldn't handle the stress. You have to know, if you win this game, you get 5 points extra credit. And although when the 5 points are put into context, it is not a lot, I had just experienced a grade bump from 10 points. So this Kahoot has the potential in helping me get a step toward the new A grades goal that I have. So, back to the topic, after I answer the 3rd question, I just kept answering the questions right. I was in disbelief when this happened, but I didn't question anything, I just went on. And at the end (way too many ands), I won, long story short.

Yeah, this blog is a weird one, I just want to sleep and keep my daily vlog. So, I guess that is it for today. Hope anyone that is reading it enjoyed my horrible grammar and peace.

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