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Monday, November 26, 2018

An new computer, Black Friday

Good news, My grades are rising(as long as I don't get so obsessed with my website again). I actually ditched my website. I had thought about it. The finals are 3 weeks away and although everything in this new school is comparatively easy as hell, I honestly didn't put in enough effort. It is mostly because I just overlooked the complexity of some subjects because they are genuinely just super easy.

I do think starting every single vlog with a grade update will just lose the appeal and reveal myself as a typical high-schooler. Although I am one with typical grades as well, I always like to think of myself as a special type of student. I had self-taught coding, realism in art, video production, animation, 3d modeling, and CGI. I see myself as that one special kid that isn't special because of his or her grade, and that is also why I decided I wanted to start my own website and start doing freelance. I wanted to be special and the incidents where high school students which average grades get into A-list college because of their extra-curricular activities really boost my confidence to believe all my extra-skills in whatever I am good at really helps. And because I like to be special, I see a big problem in just starting every blog with "my grades died, goodbye, I'm going to attend its funeral now". I mean I actually could care about this blog, cuz if I do, I would not be able to continue it. But on the other hand, I want to look back a few years later to see some substantial blogs. I guess it is not possible, whatever.

Through Thanksgiving, my parents picked me up a computer. It literally went like this:

Me: Mum, my computer's charging port died

Mum: Ok, Black Friday is coming, just choose a new computer and I will buy it for you.

Me: (disfunctioned)

I actually cannot react to that. I got my first computer when I decided myself that I would write an essay about why I want and need a computer. I got my second computer when I actually for once did well at school. And now you are telling me that I get a computer because my previous one just died? I cannot wrap my head around that. With that said, I took that offer of my parent graciously and chose to buy a ThinkPad x1 extreme. Did I waste my parent's money on that thing? Yes, I did. You can use the same money from that computer to buy another computer that is 3 times as fast. But they said to buy one that I like, and my most disliked color on laptops is red and silver. I guess I can only waste money when buying laptops.

I noticed that my English is slowly becoming less and less radical and I can no longer speak. Although not one person on earth would be reading this, I don't want to waste google's server storage space so I would stop bs-ing. Bye,

Literally 11 posts into my blog and I am already running out of art to display...
This is an inktober artwork that I did for inktober, really self-explanatory

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