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Friday, November 16, 2018

Still Struggling, lol

After 4 days of having my english grade below A-, it is still stuck at B+... I really hate myself. I am pretty sure one or two of well done assignments would save it from abbliveration, but I guess I will have to see. Continuing my blog, today I'm going to talk about the change i gone through when i moved to shanghai for my education.

It all happened very suddenly, it is one sudden random day that my parents told me about their plan on continuing my education in Shanghai. I still remember that day when I was stunned. At first, I didn't really buy the idea for me to go to a foriegn place and have a new life. I am super lucky that I have made friends despite being anti-social. I can not imagine myself making another group of friend. It is this that blinded me and place me in a very relactant mood about the whole thing. But while I am having this relactant feeling about the whole thing, my parents didn't care and had me take a plane to Shanghai to have the interview with the school. And what made everything so unbelievable is that when I went to the interview there are at least a hundred people trying to go into this school. I didn't know back then that a school could be so popular in getting students in the middle of the year. Despite all the competition that I have to go through to go to this school in shanghai, I somehow made it. I still remember that I wasn't trying that hard on the test because i wanted to stay in Hong Kong. In the end, it;s just a freaking miricale for me to just be able to be accepted to this school.

After being accepted, I went to study in this school the following year as planned. The whole thing was so bizzare to me. When I was in Hong Kong, I was only a little above average compared to the whole city, but now I'm transfered to a foriegn country with a ginourmous school. Just to let you know, I'm not exaggerating when I say ginourmous. The school is at least 10 times larger than the school I was in back in Hong Kong. There are legit "forest" located within the school. And of course, this lovely study environment comes with a cost, same with just studying oversees. That drawback is the tution is heavy. Although that tution compared the that of the school I'm studying now in the US is nothing, but then I can not believe that amount could be used in just a tution for a secodary school student. And this specific detail changed me drastically.

Back when I was still studying in Hong Kong, I love playing video games(Minecraft). I save all my homework in class while leaving all other in the one hour that i go to school early. I finish my homework mostly a few seconds before turning them in. And while my parents had adapt to what I use to do and assign me extra mandatory worksheet that i need to do daily, to my game-loving heart, it poses no challenge at all. And as i push everything that i need to do during class, i leave all the time left for minecraft. Even if you ask me now for how I didn't get bored from that blocky game, I can provide no answer at all. But this compared to me in Shanghai is a totally change. After I went to Shanghai, I was always reminded of the tution that my parents are paying for me to be there. There is a constant stress that pushes me forward. Although this kind of stress did die down during my second year in Shanghsi, at least it cured my gaming edition.

While going to shanghai for secondary school was against my wishes, it did a lot of good things to me. For one, I quited gaming. And secondly, I finally had the right attitude for studying. And just to clarify, my studying habits are still not the best, with procrastination being my worst enemy, it is way better than before and I am greatful that my parents sent me to where I go.

My dropping and dying grade, especially English

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