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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Progress on the website

I know, I missed yesterday's blog(as I say to no one). But then I did write something yesterday, and that is a review of the in-school play. It fell short because yesterday and today were all occupied with me trying to become familiar again with HTML, CSS, and javascript so that I could finish my website before my Birthday. After fixing the home page's CSS yesterday, I used about 4 hours to make the page and learn PHP. It is honestly quite time-consuming.

So, yesterday, I fixed the home page of the website. Wait, let me take that back. The fix is a strong word. Nothing was broken about the site, it is just that it looks horrendous. It doesn't look good now, but then at least I myself could accept it. The thing that I didn't find acceptable is that the mobile version of the site only contains a 100-word paragraph and I knew no one would be interested in that. So, I just switched thing around and have the visual introduction of myself show up instead. And due to the lack of productivity and unfamiliarity I have with the super easy CSS codes, it took me a whole entire day. And the fact that I was kneeling the whole time I typed out the code didn't help either. My original plan for the weekend is to finish all the HTML and CSS portion of the website on Saturday and work on school work on Sunday. But in the end, I spent more than 6 hours on youtube on the bed and 2 hours procrastinating. With all that said, those things are already in the past, so let's just focus on the future.

Today, I wrote the about the web page and fixed a little bit of the home page of my website. Not much. And when you are typing a blog, you don't want to have a stack of homework behind your screen to intimidate you. So, I guess I will stop it here. I have less than 9 hours till school and until I need to hand in my homework. Really some first world problems here.

My on progress website

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