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Thursday, November 15, 2018

Getting my website setup

Looking back on the vlog that I had decided to start was a bummer. It reminded me of the failure I had with it. On that vlog, I was only able to get 5 continuous days before I gave up. For me, I think the biggest causation of that tragic story is how long I need to edit in the videos. For each vlog, I need about half an hour to put together and another hour to render it with my integrated graphics CPU. If I would have a GPU, things may change, but I doubt it myself. Maybe one more vlog to be produced, that's all. And for that exact reason, I turned to write a blog rather than reiterate the vlog that I have. With that said, I had just set up the server that will host my server. The content there is still very non-finished, lol, so I won't release it just yet. On top of that, I didn't really add any sort of security backups just yet, so It would still be some time.

While making this website, I ran into some problems, very stupid problems. Because my deadline for this website for myself is before my birthday which is a month away. And for a 10th grader to write a web hosting program in that amount of time is not really that possible. Plus, I also wanted to have accounts on this server that I make, so... Back to the topic, lol, the problem I had with the server is that the server was child-proofed and they were trying to prevent us from being hacked. But for me, I don't care about being hacked and this program isn't allowing me to host it, So, after changing values in texts files for an hour, I finally got it to work. To the question why it took a whole hour, I really don't know.

After finally finishing initializing the program that I downloaded, I tried to go on the website on my phone, and oh boy is that website ugly. While the responsive website doesn't look good by itself, the responsive website didn't even show up. I then went about fixing that, and still keeping the bad design. It was then I just realized that I need to type that whole website again because the one I have now is trash. And that itself comes with loads of problems. Final is coming up so it won't be such a possible thing to just work on my website solely. On top of that, my laptop just broke yesterday, so to make my website productively, I could only type it out at home. And that brings me to the final problem, I am getting fat, lol. I need to go do exercise and this type tight schedule of finishing this website before my birthday is really hard to do. But nevertheless, life is about accepting challenges, so I guess it is fine and the only thing that I could do is to go through it by myself while whining about it on the internet.

Although the upcoming month of buildup towards my birthday would be very busy, I look forward to completing this challenge of mine (I'm so cringy).

The website that I am working on

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