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Monday, November 19, 2018


Today, as like any other day, is not productive. I finished school at 3 while using the follow-up hour talking with friends... I really don't know any other way to waste time. On top of that, I don't know what to talk about for today. I'm a successful person.

But in all seriousness tho, I do need to talk about something. So, whatever, I will talk about over-analyzing. I came across this topic when I was scrolling through youtube. And because my watch history is filled with the youtube austinmconell's content, this video about the benefits of over-analyzing come up my recommendations. Through this video, it got me thinking, is over-analyzing really a good thing. According to the video, hidden meanings are made from the general feeling of the story or artwork. It is the general intention of the product that generates hidden meaning not the other way around. Very little directors intentionally put easter eggs to convey their ideas, they just do as they feel and as they want to present themselves. But when it is put in the viewers perspective, the only way to analyze the work of a person is to find these "hidden meanings". In some ways, it is true. When these quote-in-quote hidden meanings are laid out from the feeling of the director, it is possible to trace these hidden-non-meanings back to what the director felt. But then we are assuming that the director did all these intentionally. And it is also where things get wrong at this point.

In my mind, there is nothing wrong in crediting someone for something that they didn't do. It's just that I find it very frustrating... I'm contradicting myself... But then at least I know what I want people to do. I want these analyzers to just analyze. Tell us how certain things would help build the scene subconsciously, tell us how parallels are drawn in the book and how coincidence is made but don't just say the director or author did a list of things. Maybe it is possible to separate this two list and category of things. One for what the director intended and one of how objects contribute. At this point, even I don't know what I am talking about and I am pretty sure I can't do the thing I wish people to do myself. Plus, I have undone hw again!!

At the end of the day, over-analyzing is a fine thing and a good thing... I suppose... (I really hate when I try to argue for something and seeing myself fail). Nevertheless, keep over-analyzing things, at least we could expand our brains and maybe work towards a world where directors really hide thousands of hidden-meanings into their work. But until then, I NEED TO FINISH MY HW!

This is a work I did like a year ago. Still holds up good in my opinion, so peace.

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