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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

My experience of trying to get a toy

As like the past 2 dsys, I have no idea what to write about today. I should thank anybody, even myself in this case, to have waste time to read this along with me. But under the pressure of the potential death of this 2-day long blog, I am going to talk about the exprience of me trying to get a hasbro toy from my parents.
Similar to any normal child, I was very into transformers when I was small. Transformers was very fascinating to me because one single object was able to be two discrete things. The transforming part of transformers put my younger self into awe and disbelieve. What makes me even more stoked is that there are actual real-life toys that transform. With this awe, I have for transformers, me as a kid desired for toys after toys of it. After my parents had suffered through the suffering of my begging for months, they said that if I would finish the Chinese book series called "The Hero that shoot Eagles" (this name for it is just my straight translation). Being 11 years old at that time, this 4 book series in Chinese is more than impossible in my eyes. You need to understand, despite me being raised in Hong Kong, I am more familiar with English than Chinese. I could finish an English translation without breaking a sweat, but reading it in Chinese would break the patience in me. At that point in time, I didn't think I would even be able to finish the first chapter. After some time of me struggling with my own inner heart, I set on reading this book.
The first few chapters of this book are torture. Because of how the book likes to be written in a half poem half prose format, I'm was literally confused to the biggest degree. Through this period, I used the toy that I am going to get afterward as a motivation to push myself through. And after that initial few chapters, I need to admit that it isn't really that hard. But as a 5th-grade student, I obviously don't understand everything. Still, reading this book is a fun experience because I had just filled in the parts that I don't understand with my imagination. This reading trait of mine had led me to a few wrong word definitions in my heart. One of the many examples of this in English is the phrase "being guilty". For the longest time of my life, I thought being guilty is to be pure and innocent. The problem of filling in things that you don't understand with your imagination is that you always get the opposite of what the real definition is. To be honest, this totally opposite definitions of words that I learned from books would carry on appearing in my life. Back to the Chinese book that I was talking about, although the book is overall interesting to the 11-year-old self, there are many parts of it that I just can not except.
The second problem with this Chinese book series is that it contains relationships between male and female. This book is the first book I have read that deal with the pg part of relationships. To be direct, the character didn't have sex literally, but it talked about people being naked. And to an 11-year-old, allow me to repeat myself, is not bearable. From that point before, all I have read is Charle and the Chocolate factory, nothing more. And because of how obscure these things are to my mind at that time, I still remember the specific details about it. On top of that, the fact that I am not getting every word that I read isn't a helping factor.
Moving on to the third problem, the book is freaking boring. As like any other Chinese old novels, this book has subplots that repeat and repeats itself. After defeating one person, they went on defeating another. After gaining an ability, they went on concurring another one. And 4 books of exactly that although still managed to entertain myself, is not able to make me hate the book at the same time. This paragraph is still lacking description and words. But for my time sake, I need to move on.
Because I still have hw to do like any other high schoolers, I need to go attend on my hw now. The rest of the story is just me finally finishing the book while getting a dinosaur transformer in the end. I know no one would read this thing. But if you really did read it, I thank you for wasting time with me and I wish you at least didn't lose brain cells. gb.
Plz cheer me on with this drawing, I don't have the
 gut within me to intentionally draw time out to finish it

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