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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

What is a blog

Going on the second blog of whatever this is, I really don't know what is the potential of a blog. I just came around to found out that I have no idea what this who blog thing is about. While I admit that my life is dynamic and interesting, I don't think I have that much to say on a daily blog. Although the main purpose of this blog is to just improve my English as I would be typing. As that being said, for today, I will talk about the lucky life that I have been living in.
Growing up in Hong Kong, my mother tongue is Cantonese and English isn't something that familiar with me. According to my mother, I used to chew and tear books instead of actually reading them. This little detail of my childhood had got me into countless times of annoying talks with my mum. Whenever I can't figure something out despite giving my best try, my mum always brings up how I didn't use books in a proper way when I was small, and that is the causation of my "stupidity" of that time. Although this treatment may seem bad and horrible, I'm glad that I got through it and have a parent that is willing to carry out this treatment for me. Through the senseless blaming and accusing from my mum, I really develop a very humble characteristic(not anymore after I said it, but....). Whatever you might really think about my treatment as a kid, I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages. Although I agree with this way of teaching myself, I won't choose this path myself even with the pre-knowledge of how it would help me grow as a person.
On the topic of how I don't know what s blog is about and what I am suppose to be writing in a blog, I just found out how a blog works. Just now, my computer broke. Specifically, the charging port on my computer broke. I guess this is what a blog does. It is a place where one records what interesting or unusual thing had happened that day. I have never thought that anything out of the records would happen regularly, but I guess these incidents happen sometime somehow. To have a blog on the other hand is to provide a place to express and release the excitment or furstration that the incident creates. Today, my laptop broke. I would not be coding as much and a lot of plans that I had planned out for myself had broken down. For example, the website that I had promised myself to finish before my birthday, maybe postpond just for the fact that I don't have a portable computer no more. All I am relying on is a yoga book gen 1 keyboard. I believe I still got a typing speed of about 60 wpm(I'm pretty proud of that, lol). Nevertheless, I would try my best to finish my freelancer website as soon as possible and live on my life as a normal dude.
From today, it could be definitely be described as a roller coaster ride. I went from being souly bored with my life to having my main laptop breaking down on me. Nevertheless, as I use this word the second time, life is interesting and we just gotta adapt and survive.

Just a side note, while my computer broke down an me and furstration arose from under my heart, my parents immediately offered to buy me a new one. As I said from my first blog, I am spoiled.
Another Art Piece that I did. I dunno why me doing this. Whatever

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