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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Finally got back a A- in English

Welcome to my blog where I get very concerned over my own grade. In today's episode, I have to announce that I finally got myself out of a B+ in English and had achieved my goal, and it means that I no longer need to practice my English in which means I'm not continuing this blog...

Just kidding, the whole reason that I got back to a A- is that I attended an extra credit activity and dragged myself out of there. My English still sucks and I still don't know what I am doing in life. Through this severe grade drop that I have, I have learned that I need to stop trying to code my own game in parallel to school work. I am not fit for managing time. But again, my goal for setting up the website before my birthday pre-exists and I still need to attend to it and finish it. With that said, I also need to now pull my grade to an A before Finals. I am going to fail miserably, but everything is worth a try. Even if it comes down to bribing, jk.

Because I had already posted today, I really don't have anything to talk about today. I just want to train my English, if that is even do-able. (pause for 5 minutes...) I guess I will talk about my experience in breaking electronics.

While I love electronics and know how to treat them in order to prevent them from spoiling, I don't do what I know. All my life, each device of mine break one by one under my hands, even the ones with a reputable brand. Fortunately, I only had my first electronic device in Grade 7. So the years before that had been omitted to my electronic curse. The devices that I have broken includes a phone, 2 laptops, 3 Bluetooth earphones, countless cables, countless mice, a kindle and 2 USB. The list is very long and I doubt some people would even own this much electronics in their life. But because I have the privilege of owning this much device, it is also my curse to break all of them.  To be honest, I am not those type of people to intentionally break their devices in order to persuade their parents to buy them a new one, that is lame. It is just that I am clumsy and that is my nature, thank you, I am never wrong. But really, I do don't care as much for these devices and part of me always blame how I know that electronics are designed with user torture in mind. Phones are drop tested and banged on the wall for multiple times to ensure user satisfaction, earphones are made waterproof so that the user won't break it because of carelessness. The problem here is that I use this safe cushion too much and it most of the time doesn't do as much as I want it to.

I don't want to type no more, lol, sorry, that's the end. Bye.

Javascript is dumb, it is sideloaded, phffff

I don't understand how people learn javascript as their first language, IT IS SIDE LOADED!!!!!!!
I really don't want to learn it and use it on my webpage.

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