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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Grammar And My inUnderstanding of it

It's 12:25 in the morning right now, and my consciousness is slowly drifting away. But either way, I wanted to write this blog about grammar that goes along with the last post I did about effort. While I have been learning English since I was born and had wonderful Native English teachers that taught me English 1-to-1, the only thing that I seem to get out of it is my sort of American accent. Despite all the thought that my parents had put into visualizing my needs in the future, I still lack much in the category of English grammar. I do not know when to capitalize words, how to spell words without Grammarly, or even differentiate between slang and formal words. My diction in essays suffers in a way that I do not use words adequately and in the right way.

For the last in-class-essay that I got back today, there were 14 mistakes that my teacher could not resist in underlining. Although the overall score for the essay was actually good, the bad grammar was probably discounted. This being the first-ever in-class-essay that I took gives me a buffer in what small mistakes that I could get away with, but this bad trait of my writing would only come around to bite me in the back in the future during formalized tests. The History essay that I just did was more on the side of a research paper and the use of evidence presented outside of class tells the teacher the effort one had put in. For me, I am guessing that my use of outside sources detailed to history books presents my effort in trying very much. This effort that I put in masks the underlying problem of my grammar. As I was typing out my mistakes into my digital notebook, I couldn't help but laugh at my inability to spell. Even after the indication of the wrong spelling, I was left with a blank mind. Although the word looks and sounds weird and insensible, I cannot for the life of me figure out the correct spelling. The grammar problem that I have is more than just the time-constraint but is also of how I could not differ between "al" and "le" when spelling. While others are complaining about words with the same pronunciation in Chinese, I am struggling with similar sounds in English syllables.

The solution to this problem is to just write more in handwriting and quit being too reliant on digital grammar correctors. I have to get rid of this trait of mine within a year to be prepared for the internal & external assessments that are going to come. There is much disconnect between me and my set goal of college and my future, but I see the possible effort that I could put in to fix it. While not everything in life has a straight-forward and definite easy answer, the solution to the problem of my grammar could be boiled down to writing with more and with caution to my error in grammar.

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lol, as I was saying about "al"s and "le"s

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