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Friday, March 22, 2019


When I was little, my mother always stressed the importance of keeping everything organized. If one thing belongs in its place, it should always in its place. There should never be any exceptions to these rules. Although I never doubt this thinking of my parents, I never thought much of it. If I could sustain my position when being messy, I would keep being messy, as long as it suffices. But it was just last week that I found out that just being good enough when being messy is fake. Because of all the extra work that I had been subjected to during the last two weeks (the tutoring that I need to do), my messy schedule for each day caused my downfall. I kept doing homework at the last minute, rushing through essays like it were blogs. When you run out of time, your work becomes shotty, and that was exactly me. To combat this current drawback of mine right now, I decided to draw up a schedule and make sure I stick to it in response to all the people that think I could help them (I really cannot).

Although I really do not know that much about order and the benefits of it, because of the blog, I would try my best to convince you about how it works. Order helps breaks down seemingly improbable tasks in life into an understandable amount. If could confidently tell myself that I only need two hours to dedicate to helping others, I could take my time in planning my rest of the day. For the past two weeks, I had no clue about how much time other people would cost me. In smooth days, others may only need my help for a second or so, but on a rough day, I may need to take upward to 6 hours in helping others. And the worst thing about this is that nothing of this is in complementary to your own schedule. What happens to me last week is that people only need my help when I have a busy day. I would have 4 homework waiting for me on the desk while I try my best in explaining how volume is to a person who really just wants to remember the formulas and pass his upcoming math test. Right now, I am struggling to write this blog because the household is as loud as a market. Things do not always go along with your plans, and it is crucial for oneself to have the leeway in taking hits. And one of the most prominent ways of doing this is to have a very orderly manner of life. It is like buffing up your health bar in a game in consequence in needing of taking the beating afterward.

Order also helps you slow down in the busiest of days. When you have a clear sight of where you want to go, the journey between these two places would appear to be much much shorter. Knowing your surrounding gives you awareness in how far behind or how far ahead you are. You could save trouble in panicking or the affliction of insecurity. Things seem much easier when you have a larger and broader understanding of it even if you have no clue about that thing. This may seem very discontinuing, and it is probably because of my way of explaining, again, I am in a very noisy environment right now, but let me explain. You would always have an easier job of learning something if you know what to learn. In the case of textbooks, they laid out the sequence in what to learn for you, you just have to follow and proceed. But in the case of learning a new programming language, you would always want to know all the new or unique aspects of it before actually learning how to use it. By learning the new features first, you know how far you are from fully understanding the object, and when you can stop learning. No one would ever want to learn extra information if they do not have to.

As I said, I am in a very distracting environment right now, so I am going to stop here. And although I know I have a very skill in ending paragraphs, essays, and blogs, I would leave this matter for another day similar to every other thing in my life.

The new page in my website, and the daily schedule that I wish
I would be able to follow for at least this semester

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