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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Intellectual Labor - My First Commission

After finally having my first commission from my website thanks to my friends, I have been subjected to making a website again. And that means I needed to do html, css and javascript. If you do not know what these three "programming" languages are, you only need to know that they are very repetitive and are ones that you could learn all in one day. To write this kind of code requires the littlest of your brain, and for now, there is still no one website builder that could replace actually typing them out with preserved quality. And because I need to make a website again, I had been enthralled with 2 weeks of intellectual labor and got me thinking about the concept of it.

Intellectual labor had been around for many years already. Most of the low-grade accountants and personally assistance jobs only involves in typing notes of their boss and punching numbers into computers. Although some personal assistance also plans days and meetings as well, a well-written program could do the same exact thing. Intellectual labor is that one thing that prevents the computer from taking over all jobs. The question that I now have is that if intellectual labor now had been shrunken to only inputting data and product testing, why is this gap not already been filled. Computers now could read handwritten texts and numbers pretty well right now and even games and creativity are now slowly being one of the computer’s greatest strength. There is no possibility of computers not being able to do this kind of “labor” for us. Website builders should be more advanced than they are and a lot of jobs should not require humans to do it. Programs being a thing that is write-once reuse many should not be something that is subscription based. Programs such as word and excel that does intellectual labor for people should not be things of subscriptions. The power of the computer’s ability to do labor should not be neglected. The pure fact that a lot of people still aren’t able to be trusted in offices doesn’t mean that computers could not be deployed now.

To this point, you may be thinking that I am missing something and that all of what computers could do is already used in companies and workflows, but the thing is that computers aren’t being used as often as they are. To prove this, I am going to tell you about my sister’s summer job 2 years ago. That year summer, my sister’s job was to input numbers from a paper into a computer. And what is so absurd about all of it is that the numbers that are recorded are from another minimum-wage employee that got the numbers in the street. There is no reason to not have that person to not have input the number into an electronic device in the first place. The process is prolonged by the fact that they did not use pre-existing data managing software to manage the data. The excuse for getting more jobs isn’t acceptable because money could be saved and distributed with the jobs that are neglected. Although I am nothing but a successful person or businessman and I have no authority to comment over things such as this, the fact remains that jobs should not be made for the fact that jobs help facilitate the economy. There are other ways to prosper the country other than just making labors and avoidable jobs.

Another saying about the taking over of intellectual labor is that it will make some people jobless and poor. But right now, every single person from a developed country is required to education and the exclusion of labor in jobs would only mean that there are more high-quality jobs for people to apply for. And although there are still rural areas where people do not get the chance to get an education, those areas and places will get their own growth and slowly have everyone with an education. And once everyone is educated, jobs related to cleaning and order would have no one to do. In Hong Kong, dishwashing jobs are a job without people to do. These minimum wage jobs are slowly being unfavorable even to the people that are not educated. And at that point, robots and computer have its necessity of actually taking over jobs. The future with robots and artificial intelligence is not a future that we should be scared off or worried about. Natural had set its course long ago and would continue setting its course. The phenomenon of jobs being replaced by robots is one that we all should root for and not demise. 

Intellectual labor should be slowly taken away and jobs of making websites, selling tickets and waiting tables should be replaced as soon as possible so that our evolution in the brain would be excelled and sped up.

My commissioned website

P.S: After writing this, I found out that this is already a thing that universities had studies on. Just saying.

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