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Tuesday, January 22, 2019


It's 7 days since my last post and I haven't done what I said I would do. It is a new year and the new me seems like he is not going to be productive all. During the 3-day holiday that had just passed, I had done nothing as always. Except the 2 sketches that I did, i practically did nothing. With all that said, I am just going to continue the bad daily blogs to play. If I keep trying to re-write my old blog, I am never going to post antying again. Which no one would care, but my English would die momentarily.

During the 3 day holiday I had, I discovered the junoir doctor youtuber that I followed had a company along side with his band and 154wpm typing speed. He had achieved so much that it is making me jealous. Although I have my own website, my ambition to start a busniess soon, all my plans are still in the process and don't have any results to them. Specifically, my website doesn't even have pictures to it yet. Although all the html and css is written and ready to go, I never took the time to draw the pictures to go along with the website. It is always so easy to say what you do, but not to do as what you say. I had written to-do lists every single day, but the days that I actually did all the things on the list could be counted with just my fingers. With all that said, I am going to post my blogs on my own website alongside with here. Although the reason that I chose such a outdated blogging website is that I want to elimate all possiblities at anyone finding it even if they wanted to, I would now try to reach out and improve the quality of my blogs. I know I had said that for a lot if times now, but I am no longer saying I will not try when writing my blogs. That also means that I will embarress myself a lot as I really don't have good grammar and contexts. If I say I will be trying, the things that I produce would already my limit and they would suck. But failure is part of the journey, so I would keep trying. Typing out paragraphs upon paragraphs about my life would help me be more disiplined, and some embarassment won't mean much as long as I improve myself. Which, is not happening. But whatever.

Review on my birthday resolutions, I said that I would finish my website before my birthday, but that did not happen. Because of that, I would set a new deadline and that is before this month. There are still 9 days till that, and a couple of pictures and illustrations needs to be cramped in there. I will keep you guys(no one) posted and try my best.

Another blog is written again, and in my point of view, the quality of it had improved. I hope I would take back some kind of grind, no matter it is with art or programming.

One of the art that I did during the 3-day holiday

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