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Monday, January 14, 2019

Back to School

As always, I again stopped posting blogs because I am very lazy. Although this blog serves absolutely no purpose at all in this world, keeping it going makes sure that my English abilities have a safety net under it. And on the topic of quality, I am going to rewrite all the blog I have posted before so that I could actually improve my English now. And while proof-reading isn't anything in my interest, I will at least be admitted from coming up a topic every single day. The downside of all this is that it would be a nightmare proof-reading crap. Like this blog now, all my previous blog are trash, and to repair trash is hard, to say the least.

Because I am not going to rewrite my blogs today, I need to think of a topic to fill in this page, and my first day of school after the winter break would be nice to talk about. After being suck of confidence after seeing my parents, I now again see how much I had to do to catch on. With some research, I found out that colleges in the US don't care that much about grades. As long as they don't suck, they don't pay attention to them a lot. What they care about is what you do outside of school and what you do to improve yourself personally. Just getting all A is difficult classes doesn't impress people that much anymore. As because our only soul job as a student is to be an all A student. Not being that is like not completing your job in a company. To stand out from the massive crowd of students, you need to do things outside of school and impress them with an essay. And this proves to be very challenging. While this also means that you don't need to focus on grades that much, it also means you need to do things that are no instructed. And for anyone that had tried self-teaching themselves something, it becomes very challenging because you need to have self-integrity. And that I don't have. I may have no feelings and don't mind hard work, but getting myself on the desk regularly for long periods of time is hard because I would just drift off into space in my daydreams.

Life may be frustrating, but laziness is always present. So why not embrace it and stop the blog right here. Although all my blogs end with me saying I no want no more, laziness would comfort me after.
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  1. Good grade is very important and I think that this is the most important factor. US colleage looks thru whole picture of you and therefore if you have good talent beside academic. This is consider a big plus.

    Get A in academic and also do extra thibg that you love. You are very talent, love your talent things. This will always make you happy and love what you are doing.