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Saturday, January 23, 2021

Inner peace

What is the purpose of life? I've been trying to find a meaningful conclusion. Biology and evolution say it is to pass on our genes, but to a conscious person, or me at least, it seems unfulfilling. Einstein said, "only a life lived for others is a life worth living". Although that was my attempted philosophy, it is sometimes difficult to maintain when I may seem to be bent over backwards with my hands tied. Consciousness and our ability to experience events make us agents of purpose. We devise plans, create agendas, create structures. We anticipate the future to be prepared for the worst. But when we are in comfort and have the surplus to anticipate even further, we sometimes approach the anticipation of death.

To me in the past, death seems to discredit all one's achievements, and I find it hard to battle against the idea of cashing out early. Even so, the pain that is attached to death produced enough resistance. That pain that would be inflicted upon myself, but more importantly, everyone that knows me. After I reasoned out the possibility of hell, the argument against death falls onto and is supported solidly by human connections. (The failure of one node in the network of connections would cause a cascade of circuit failures, and the effects would be multiplied)

Time keeps ticking, and we, as humans within society, each relay one signal after the other. The idea of determinism degrades one's decisions down to chemical reactions. Believing in such a concept leaves us, the agent of the chemical reactions, hopeless and stripped of meaning.


The problem to my past philosophy is that I'm exploring a topic with a dead-end. But "what's happened, happened. Which is an expression of faith in the mechanics of the world, not an excuse to do nothing." (Tenet) Determinism is a way to describe the mechanics of the world, and it is how it is. Technoblade once said, "What do you do after you prove that there's no free will? You go and have a party celebrating the achievement".  The world is running its own course, and understanding it gives us perspective, nothing much more. The baseline to the purpose of life is to not die, and one can do whatever he/she wants with the time now in his/her disposal. 

Inner Peace

This perspective of determinism tells the workings of the world, and it gives reasons to displaced events. It is to support that viewpoint of: "There is just news, there's no good or bad"2. While we might have reels of documentation of the world, and we judge events base on our understanding, they all are just our best attempt1. Streamlining our efforts and doing our best, to some, is the core of living. As events come and go, our action is to prevent reoccurrences of undesirable events and pave way for a better future. Noting mistakes and asserting force on resistances. The mental energy we invest in is the currency for progress and improvement, and our brain is the printer of this currency as we focus on tasks that are expensive. Mental energy is the solution to resistance, and while my brain might often succumb to resistance, it is just to know that the answer was always the need for that mental energy.

Just keep hammering at it--

1: Oogway also said, "You must let go the illusion of control". While I believe there is some truth to it, and some things are indeed useless and distracting to control, there are still things that we should control, and the quote is not with the full context. There is a balance between the two. duh, I'm stupid... anyways.

2: There is bad news. but only when there is a bad reactive decision. If one response to an event is negative, then that event has a negative impact. And to make events positive, to me at least, we must understand it and learn from it (to our absolute best ability).

This post makes no literary sense. Am I getting worse at writing, or is it just the lack of vocabulary for the topic? The sentences I type does not seem to connect together. eee. And, it is a fact that I am getting awaringly over-confident. I wasn't going to write this post, but I wanted to write a post.

I now know that inner peace is partially just stoicism. But the thing is that I understood it before I knew about stoicism, and I want to give myself some credit :).

I've heard other young people say, why should we respect the old? And the answer is that although we have more facts/knowledge than some of the more elder, the elder experienced more. The things that I have figured out in this post have already been figured by those older that may not know all the skills I know. It is the experience they have, and the understanding of life they possess. 


  1. Check out Taoism and Carl Jung's writings. I think you might find it interesting.

    1. Thank you for the suggestion!!

      I checked them both out, just finished half of 'The Red Book'. Jung's philosophy is very revealing, but also misguided in my opinion. Fiction can be a double-edged sword. If I were to have my own Red Book, its collection wouldn't fit in one library.

      But its great to know that I'm not the only one :)