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Saturday, December 8, 2018

Preparing For A Musical Audition

It had been another day, I am stuck with writing another blog in front of my stupid yoga book that is very annoying to type on. I am repeating this phrase so much in my intros of blogs that I might just copy and paste this every time. With that being said, I will once again update you guys, whoever you are on my grades. Since last time, another subject of mine went to an A, so that is always good.

A poster from the internet featuring Chicago the play
I am planning on auditioning for my school's upcoming musical. To ensure my acceptance in the main role in this musical, I am now training my singing once again. Back like 4 years ago, I was in my school's choir and the choir of that school is actually decent. Now when I look back, that choir from my primary school is better than the choir from my current high school. It is very amusing. The only reason that I think of that could explain this is that because students from the primary school have a more un-developed voice and it helps them shape it as they train it. In addition, our choir teacher was extraordinary. The conductor we had was so good that we had a chance with other choirs with personal teachers for each student. If there were a movie about the competition my primary school has with this other school, it won't be anything but greatness. The equals of our performance would make a great show just like glee, except its actually a real story. Speaking of glee, I am pretty sure my sister loved glee exactly because she had a very similar experience in her primary school life.

Back on topic, I am not preparing for the musical audition. To do this, I am not doing vocal warm-up and training almost every day. This new habit of mine is a ton of fun, singing although is time-consuming if you want to do it seriously, but at the same time, this exact trait of it makes you use your time chunk by chunk just like playing video games, just that it's more productive in my opinion. With that said, I need to admit that I now am just focusing on the fun of practicing singing and not really improving it too much. Through 4 days of consecutive practicing, my notes are more stable when changing between them. (You're right, I don't know any terms for singing). Although that is an improvement that is made, the audition is 2 months away and I am pretty sure I need to improve at a much greater pace to get a leading role. On top of that, I can't forget to train my actual acting skills. I have never participated in a real play before, and a musical for my first try would be pretty overwhelming, to say the least. But abilities are forced out, so I am going to practice and try to get this freaking role. Btw, the play that is going to be held is Chicago, wish me luck for the next 2 month.

With the finals coming up, my schedule is full and I am still not being productive. But the past is the past, and I will make sure I would do good review tmr and not to miss so many blogs in the future.

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